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Our Magnetic Quick Connect System allows you to spend less time setting up and more time getting epic shots. Go from packed up to fully assembled in just a few clicks.

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Stability, on any surface

No matter where you are, Trek's leg design ensures your slider will be stable.  Easily attach the legs to the track via our magnetic quick-connect system.  Adjust and lock the angle of the feet to keep your slider level.  Rubber balls on the feet keep your slider stable on any surface.

Any way you want it

Trek's unique track connection system allows you to fully customize your track, giving you limitless options.  Connect any combination of straight and curved pieces for a truly unique perspective.

Bluetooth Capable

Wirelessly control your shuttle from up to 100 feet away

Long Exposure

Utilize long exposure stepping to take mesmerizing nightlapses


Weight Capacity

Trek supports cameras up to 1lb

Where Will Trek Take You?

Trek: The world's first portable, modular, app-enabled camera slider for GoPro and smartphones.

Trek is now live on Indiegogo! Click here to go to our campaign.

Creativity in Motion

Capture Smooth Cinematic Shots with Trek


Pack small, pack light

Take the pain out of bringing your slider with you. Whether you are backpacking in the Sierras, or going to the beach, our unique compact system makes sure you never have to leave your slider at home.

Waste no time

User-friendly app control

Complete control of your slider in the palm of your hand.  Use simple settings to customize your shot by adjusting speed, length, and direction.  Use advanced settings for more precise control over your shots, including long exposure timelapse.

Works with your gear

Trek comes standard with 1/4-20 tripod mounts on the bottom, allowing you to use Trek with all your existing gear.  Set Trek up on a tripod to achieve smooth incline shots at any angle.

Track Configurations

Technical Specifications

Long Battery Life

Battery lasts 20+ hours of use on a single charge

No Tools Required

Magnetic quick connections allow easy setup without tools

Wide Speed Range

Live motion control between 1 and 36 inches per minute

Incline Operation

Smooth camera movements at any incline

Weather Resistant

Don't worry about the weather.  Water and dust resistant

Tripod Attachment

Attach to any tripod via standard 1/4-20 mounts for easy incline shots



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Dyno App
Track Configurations
Dyno App
Track Configurations
Dyno App
Track Configurations
Track Configurations

Tech Specs

Dyno App
Track Configurations